Hockey Helps The Homeless - Montreal

On any given night more than 35,000 people, many of them women and small children, face the world homeless and alone. Thousands more are among the "hidden homeless," moving from place to place, without options, without hope. How can this happen in one of the world's richest nations?

From the ice to the streets: Helping in your community

As a proud supporter and participant of Hockey Helps the Homeless, we're working towards a future where every Canadian has a place to call home. The money raised through these fantasy hockey tournaments help to fund the work of 35 homeless support agencies that share our goal of ending homelessness.

Funds raised in our community stay in our community, providing immediate relief through shelters and survival kits, and supporting longer term needs including transitional housing projects and return-to-work training programs that help to restore the dignity and independence of homeless people.

At Hockey Helps the Homeless we use the power of Canada's favourite sport to give homeless Canadians a chance to start over. 

Night To Remember - Alzheimer's Fundraiser 

A Night To Remember – in support of the Alzheimer Society of Montreal

The “A Night to Remember”gala is an annual event we co-founded in 2012 to invest in the growth of the Alzheimer Society of Montreal (ASM). Our goal is to help the ASM to raise awareness, inform and mobilize the community and ensure they can continue to provide vital support to people suffering from Alzheimer’s as well as their caregivers, here in our local communities.

Our guest list includes people of all ages who are connected through a shared experience of caring for loved ones who have been affected or who are increasingly at risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

My father Max was diagnosed in 2000 and passed away in August 2016, so I have experienced firsthand the tremendous toll this disease has on people living with Alzheimer’s as well as their families and caregivers, and we are grateful that the ASM is here to help. Click here to get involved.

Big cheque for Alzheimer's