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Lessons in Strategic Planning

I attended my daughter’s sixth grade graduation ceremony last week, where one of the teachers told a nice story that drew parallels between the lessons the kids had learned during a popsicle stick bridge competition and the journey they had completed through elementary school. She talked about how the students had needed to collaborate in …

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Lakeshore Atom B Leopards

Business Lessons Learned from Atom Hockey As I watched my 9-year old daughter’s Atom hockey team finish first in their division and then win their playoff final, before advancing to the Regional finals, it occurred to me how a simple system our coaching staff had implemented throughout the season was the recipe for success. The …

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Business Value

The value of your company is partly determined by your industry. For example, cloud-based software companies are generally worth a lot more than printing companies these days. However, when we analyze businesses in the same industry, we still see major variations in valuation. The Value Builder Score was developed by a team of researchers led …

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Marketing blog

Scott Broady’s Blog on marketing & sales alignment, business model innovation and increasing the value of your business. The Shoemaker Finally Gets Some Shoes… When I started my marketing consulting business in October 2004, I put up a basic website (more like an online brochure) that explained the services I was offering and the various …

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