Why Work With Keystone?

Scott Broady | Chief Category Designer & Certified Value Builder Advisor 

key·stone noun: The central supporting element of a whole, on which all else depends.


We're not your traditional management consultants. We won't charge you to learn about your business and then deliver a 50-page slide deck telling you what's wrong with your business and how to improve it. And we are not a marketing or branding agency who will give you a catchy slogan or tagline. We believe this to be the equivalent of an expensive face tattoo that you'll have to live with for a couple of years before you can afford to remove it.

We are Category Designers & Value Builders. Like Reggie Dunlop from Slapshot, we are player/coaches who will put on the foil with you and slug it out in the trenches. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we are pretty good at knowing which questions to ask to pull the right answers out of you.

"Category is the new strategy"


Certified Value Builder Advisor

 If you think being first to invent something will guarantee your success or that the company with the best product or service always wins - think again! The biggest problem we see is companies leaving the category to chance while trying to convince the market why their product or service is better instead of different. 

The problem is that too many companies with good products and services fail to make a dent because they think reach and frequency is enough to win or that there is room for a lot of winners in a competitive market. This is like hoping to get struck by lightning. The odds of success in today's ever-changing, fast-paced and connected world are just too overwhelming without having a systematic approach to help you change how people think. In 2004, I embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between marketing and sales to help business owners escape the owner's trap and increase the value of their companies. After reading the book Play Bigger, I realized that we were just scratching the surface and that category design is a powerful new approach for people who want to build a legendary category and company.

Category design is the discipline of creating and developing a new market category, and conditioning the market to demand a solution to a problem it didn't realize existed. It's about creating a powerful and provocative story that is different from what came before, and that changes people's buying decisions.

WE HELP YOU SEE the big picture, re-IMAGINE your business model and visualize the end-game.

Our Purpose

To help you identify your blind spots and focus first on marketing the problem you are solving, while defining a unique Point of View. We help you map out the entire ecosystem and blueprint for a whole new category that doesn't exist today. We'll show you how to condition the market to have that "aha" moment and see what's been missing all along.

This is not about a slick sales pitch or marketing campaign designed to incrementally increase your sales. This is a company-wide, founder or CEO-led initiative that will significantly increase your odds of becoming a Category King and taking the the lion's share of the economics in that segment. If you are looking to unlock a new level of freedom and personal satisfaction in your life, then we should talk.