“The number one revenue inhibitor in complex sales environments is the average sales person’s inability to communicate value.” 

– Sirius Decisions (sales benchmarking & advisory firm)

Your challenge is to enable your salespeople to systematically reinforce and communicate the value of your products and services in ways that are personalized to each specific customer and quantified in terms that are relevant to the pains or issues they are experiencing.


How it works

The Value Inventory Workshop spans two days and will require a small, cross-functional team with representatives from marketing, sales and operations. It will help you profile your ideal client for a particular market segment and uncover their identified as well as unconsidered needs.

Day One

Identify and describe the functional jobs your customers are trying to get done. This includes tasks they are trying to complete, problems they're trying to solve or emotional needs they're trying to satisfy. We will then look at their pains (things they would like to reduce or eliminate), as well as potential gains (things they would like to improve or goals they would like to achieve).

Day Two

We will then look at all the products and services you offer that help your customers get a functional, social or emotional job done and then identify how they either relieve a customer pain or help them create a gain.


Your team will walk away with a blueprint or “inventory list” of your ideal customer’s pains and gains, plotted on a Value Inventory Matrix and ranked in order of importance to the customer. We will also rank how well your solutions measure up to those of your competitors. 


“The Value Inventory Workshop opened our eyes to new opportunities and helped us, not only to identify customer pains, but to come up with strategies and tactics to relieve them.  The results have been higher close ratios, reduced sales cycle times and a significant improvement in our overall customer relationships.”


Hans Bergman - Director of Sales & Marketing at ASSOS North America